At last week’s Summerville City Council meeting, the council voted to raise the garbage fee for City of Summerville residents.  The city contracts with Wright Sanitation in Summerville to collect the garbage.  Also, the city offers free pickup of limbs and debris for Summerville residents.

Wright Sanitation raised their rates for the city, and the council is passing along that increase to customers.  The basic rate for garbage service was $11.95 per month – that rate will now be $12.98.  But not all of the council was in favor of the hike.  Councilman Rickey Hughes took issue with the increase and vote against the measure.  Councilman Hughes told WZQZ News, “I was put in office by the residents of the city. That’s who I work for . I feel there should be an incentive to live within the city therefore I am not in favor of raising the rates for the city residents.”

Senior citizens can apply for a discount on garbage rates, but need to contact city hall to receive the discount.