In back to back days, large fights broke out at Rome High School resulting in several arrests, including 17 year-old Javon Tyreese Wright, of Rome.  Another student, Candarious Jo’Harvey Munday, was also arrested after telling others that “if there was a school shooting, he would be the one to do it.”

Also arrested were several juveniles with charges including battery, obstruction, party to a crime of battery, terroristic threats and acts.                                                                                                                                                                              

Police added that several others could face charges and that officials are using video from the school and social media to identify those individuals.

Wright is charged with battery, while Munday is charged with terroristic threats.

On Tuesday the fight occurred in the bathroom of the school with what several students called a “gang attack” between African Americans and Hispanics.  

CVN has also learned that a knife was found on a student earlier in the week during bag checks.

The incidents come just after two guns were recently found on students at the school.