The man who shot three people at the Lock and Dam Park Sunday was meeting a woman who was heard screaming at the shooter in an attempt to stop the violence. Police are actively reviewing video from the campground and have observed two vehicles leaving the park shortly after the incident; one was a female who had followed the shooter into the park a few moments before the violent encounter with campers.

The shooter was in a gray car and the woman was in a white car. The suspect is described as a middle-aged, slender black male.

Three people were shot, including Dustin Dunlap, 28, Zander Haslett, 23 and David Cole, 31. Cole was transported by EMS for the serious injuries he received. All victims are expected to recover. According to bystanders, the shooter and his companion were speeding through the Lock and Dam Campground Sunday night, nearly striking children who were playing at their campsite. Due to the narrow road that passes through the campsites, the parents of the children were very upset and confronted the suspect about his aggressive driving.

At some point during the confrontation with the parents, the shooter pulled a gun from his vehicle and fired several shots. Witnesses report that the female was pleading for the suspect to stop and not shoot.

Investigators are asking for campers to submit videos or pictures from that day and to reach out to police. The woman is not a suspect but police want to ensure that she is safe.
Anyone with information about the domestic altercation or the shooting is encouraged to call Jeff Jones at 706-252-4243.


Police are investigating a shooting that occurred at a camping facility shortly after midnight Monday morning. Investigation of the incident is still ongoing with all victims expected to survive. The suspect has not been identified at this time. Three campers were struck by birdshot; two
declined treatment and one was transported to a local medical facility. It is unknown if the shooter was a registered camper at the time of the incident

The shooter is described as a middle-aged, slender black male driving a gray car. The incident occurred at the Lock and Dam Park in the area near the boat ramp. The county owned recreation facility is located in southern Floyd County, where it offers camping, boating and outdoor

Witnesses report that the vehicle was speeding through the camping area and was a danger to children at the campsites. A confrontation occurred and at some point the suspect fired approximately four shots, striking three people.

Two victims Dustin Dunlap, 28, of Dallas and Zander Haslett, 23, of Dallas received injuries to the head and torso but were not transported to the hospital. A third victim, David Cole, 31, unknown address, was transported to the hospital by ambulance but is expected to survive.

Information can be directed to Investigator Austin Webb at 706-314-0915.