Mekiel Jamal Woolfork, 31 of Silver Creek, was arrested on animal cruelty charges after he was found with pit bulls that were denied medical care, as well as tools used to train them for dogfighting.

Police said that the animals were denied cared for Parvo and were denied proper food.

Officers added that they also located two treadmills with wooden boxes attached, which officers said are typically used to condition the dogs for fighting.  An instrument that is typically used to increase bite strength was also found at the home.

Each animal was found tied to logging chains and thick collars to prevent them from getting close to each other.

Police went on to say that a “fighting pit” was also found at the home.

The skelatal remains of a dog was also found on the property.

Woolfork is charged with three counts of aggravated cruelty to animals, four counts of cruelty to animals, prohibiting dog fighting and related conducts, and failure to appear.