The Cave Spring City Council joined forces with the Cave Spring Community Coalition on Tuesday night in an effort to save what community members call the “heart of the city”.

Cave Spring Council members voted unanimously to oppose a court filing by the Floyd County Board of Education where they are seeking to strike a clause that would return the property to Cave Spring.

The move comes following the Coalition discovering that the 1929 deed that gave the FCBOE the property, but also stated that if the board were to close the school down it would revert back to the Trustees of the Cave Spring Consolidated School District.

Floyd County Schools recently filed a request in Superior Court seeking to clear the title of any potential claims for the school property, thus allowing the board to do what they want with the property.

Since the Trustees of the Cave Spring Consolidated School District no longer exist, the Coalition and now the City of Cave Spring wants the property returned to the city due to the district being intertwined with the City Council.

The school is expected to close at the end of this school year with its students being sent to Alto Park Elementary. Board members cited the lack of students that currently attend the school. However, over the past few years, the school board changed district lines causing Cave Spring students to be sent to other area schools. The move resulted in a drop in attendance for Cave Spring Elementary School.

The Coalition has stated that its plans would be to use the property for a Charter School.  Floyd County School board members do not want the building to be used for “school purposes”.   

Judy Taylor, Chairs of the Cave Spring Community Coalition, said “The Floyd County Board of Education has ripped the heart out of Cave Spring.  We are just trying to perform a heart transplant.”

Taylor has already worked with Georgia Cyber Academy to open a campus in Cave Spring for the next school year.  Taylor said that over 100 students have already registered to attend, pulling the number of students away from Floyd County.

Floyd County School Board Chairman Dr Tony Daniels said, “The FCBOE is only was trying to clear the title with the filing with the superior Court.” CVN asked Daniel If they plan on putting the property up for auction, and he said he was not able to speak for the board.

A court will decide if the deed that the Cave Spring Coalition has is still value sometime over the next few weeks.

As a note of the past sale of Midway School property, it was sold with the caveat in the title that the property would never be used as a school.