A second person has been arrested for a staged wreck that occurred last September on Maple Avenue. Marilyn Nicole Odessa White, 35 of Rome, was arrested for being part of a scheme to defraud insurance following the stagged automobile accident.

White was a passenger in the wreck from the story below.

She is charged with insurance fraud.


Marshall Joseph Alexandria Jr, 61 of Rome, was arrested this week after reports said he, and several others, conspired to have an automobile accident in a U-Haul truck.

Police said that the accident was set up to occur on Maple Avenue at the intersection of East 14th Street.

Reports added that after the U-Haul struck another vehicle it struck a power pole, resulting in damage to Georgia Power property.  When questioned at the scene statements were made that April Simpson was the driver of the U-Haul when in fact it was another suspect, John Watkins.

A passenger in the accident claimed injuries on scene.  

He is also accused of threatening another person while on the telephone with 911. Reports said that he told the victim that he would “kill yo motherfuc**** ass” while she was talking to a dispatcher.

Alexandria is charged with false report of a crime, reckless conduct, 1st degree criminal damage to property, false statements and writings, insurance fraud, terroristic threats and acts, parole violation.