Trion City School Supt. Dr. Phil Williams told WZQZ News on Tuesday morning that a former Trion student has been arrested after making threats towards Trion School.

Dr. Williams says that a current student at Trion received a message via his cell phone from the former student saying he was going “shoot up” Trion School.  The Trion student took a screen-shot of the message and told authorities.

Williams says that after an investigation by the School Resource Officer and Trion Police, a juvenile has been arrested in connection with the threats.

Dr. Williams released the following statement on Tuesday morning:

At 10 PM on March 28th, 2022 administrative officials with Trion City Schools and officers from the Trion Police Department were notified of a threatening private message concerning the Trion City Schools. This private message was dated March 17th and made reference to “shooting up the school” After an investigation by the Trion Police Department and Trion City Schools it was determined there was probable cause for an arrest.  A juvenile has been detained and charged with terroristic threats and acts and transported to the Youth Detent

From AM 1180