A grant from the Georgia Department of Transportation will led to the repaving of over 14 miles of Floyd County Roads.

The annual Local Maintenance Improvement Grant uses funds collected from the state gas tax.

This year’s grant amount is over $1.2 million. For Floyd County to get the funds they must provide a 30% match, which it does in the form of labor and equipment.

Projects will include:

Repaving nearly 5 miles of Black’s Bluff Road, starting at the bypass and going to Ga. 100.

Repaving almost 3 miles of Calhoun Road, starting at the bypass and going toward Barron Road near Model High and Middle schools.

Repaving just over a mile of Ward Mountain Road starting at Wayside Road and ending at Morrison Campground.

Repaving over a mile and a half of Biddy Road, starting at U.S. 411 and going all the way to Chulio Road.

Several projects from the 2021 list is also expected to be completed this year.  Those include: Roads in the Sherwood Forest subdivision and roads in the Lindale Mill Village.