Travis Wayne Payne, 31 of Silver Creek, was jailed this week after reports said he stole nearly $7,000 in guns from a location Wax Road.

Reports said that between September and November of this year Payne stole a Remington cal .270, Browning 22 mag, and a Desert Eagle 50 caliber, as well as eight other handguns.

He is also accussed of staling nearly $2,000 in change.

Police added that Payne proceeded to sell the guns at a local pawnshop.

He is charged with with felony theft by taking and theft by deception.

PREVIOUS January 2 2021

Travis Wayne Payne, 30 of Silver Creek, was arrested after he allegedly crashed into a guardrail and then was found DUI and in possession of cocaine.

Reports said that Payne crashed his car into the guardrail on Darlington Drive at Cedar Avenue.  While officers were investigating they found that Payne had been driving under the influence of substances.

A search led police to find several baggies in his wallet and in the center console of his vehicle.

Payne is charged with possession of cocaine, DUI and failure to maintain lane.