Floyd County Commissioners voted to increase the board to the Floyd County Elections Board from three to five members on Tuesday night.  The board also voted to conduct  a third party investigation into voter fraud in the county.

The election board change won’t go into effect until at least next spring. Board members said that the two new members would include a Republican and Democratic member.

The review comes after a much detailed complaints (attached below) by local citizen Mark Swanson.

According to Elections Board Chair Melanie Conrad, the review will come from elections clerks from other counties. They will take a look at the complaints listed by Swanson, as well as any other that may arise.

This week Swanson told commissioners,:

“After further research on the SB202 Performance Review I have developed some concerns regarding the County’s ability to retain its current level of authority regarding the Floyd County Board of Elections, should violations of law be found.  There are other sections of Georgia Election Codes that would afford immediate relief should the Elections Office deviate from current election laws during an election.

There is an alternative to an SB202 Performance that could accomplish the same results without risking a possible state takeover of our local Elections Board. These revelations have developed over the last 24 hours.  As a result, I am not prepared to have alternative recommendations fully articulated at or prior to the Floyd County Commission meeting on 10/12/21, as I am traveling this week on business. 

Members of the Board of Elections and I are willing to work together to craft a solution that addresses the citizens’ concerns while outlining solutions that will allow additional oversight and accountability – all without losing local control of our election’s office. 

Therefore, I request that any vote for/against an SB 202 Performance Review be delayed until the next regular commission meeting in hopes that I may work with the Elections Board on solutions that would be in the best interest of Rome and Floyd County while simultaneously addressing the concerns raised in my prior letters to this body.”