Sammy Darrell Jernigan, 54 of Rockmart, was arrested this week after reports said he attempted to burn down a trailer.

Rockmart police said that Jernigan, who had just been released from prison, was staying at a home with a relative.  They went on to say that Jernigan was to be paid $50 for a job via the CashApp.   However, when he went to a store to make a purchase the money was not there.

Jernigan then allegedly went back to the home on Clearwater Street and attempted to burn down a trailer.

When emergency responders arrived  they stated that Jernigan became combative, in the process threatening them while using profanity.

 Police added that once they got Jernigan in custody they found him in possession of a knife with a three-inch blade.

Officers added that after being placed in a patrol car he continued to make threats while beating his head against the partition.  Once at the jail he threatened to hang himself and then blame his death on police.

The home suffered damage from the blaze, but a resident inside the home was left unharmed..

Jernigan is charged with reckless conduct, possession of a knife during the commission of a felony, obstruction, two counts terroristic threats and acts, criminal attempt to commit a felony, 1st degree arson, aggravated assault and possession of tools or the commission of a crime.

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