The Board of Commissioners approved a contract with Sommer Robinson as the new Floyd County E-911 GA Director.

Robinson said, “When I started working at 911 in 2000 I never thought I would be here this long. I wanted to follow in my mother’s footsteps and become a police officer, but I fell in love with this job and the people. I can’t imagine doing anythign else.”

She added,”This is a huge honor and opportunity and I am looking forward to continue leading our department in the positive direction that previous director John Blalock left it in. I know that I have an amazing group if dispatchers behind me and that will make my job a little less stressful.”

According to a Facebook Post for former 911 Director John Blalock, “

Meet Floyd County’s new 911 Director!!!She’s nervous, and I’d be worried if she wasn’t. It shows she understands the importance of the job. She’ll do great! I’m not nervous one bit. It’s a huge responsibility. Every time someone in Floyd Co calls 911, 120,000 times a year, it’ll be one of her small, dedicated staff answering the call and getting help to where it’s needed. Every time an officer, deputy, firefighter, or paramedic talks on the radio, one of the dispatchers will be there to document and respond. When you fall asleep, go on vacation, open gifts, carve the turkey, see your child off for their first day of school, hunt eggs or snooze your alarm, there is always a shift of 911 dispatchers on duty. Sommer now has the responsibility for serving and leading that awesome team. She’s more than capable. She has the skills, education, training, and experience to do it well, but most importantly she has the right attitude. She works for them more than they work for her. She cares about the agency and every single person in it. She’s earned the respect of every dispatcher and all the agencies we serve. She’s been a friend and coworker for two decades. She’s been like a sister for the past few years. A nagging, knows-me-too-well sister ?. I’m proud of her, have confidence in her, and can’t wait to see the outstanding achievements to come for 911. To save questions, I’m moving into my role as public safety division director full time. I consider myself lucky to still be involved with this crew, and I know that they will continue to be the best in the profession.: