A Rockmart man remains in jail with bond denied after threatening to kill family members with a knife, then struggling with officers and spitting on one of them during his arrest while claiming his Islamic beliefs gave him the right to do so.

Chase Dayterrian Benham, 28 of Rockmart, was arrested this week after reports said he threatened to kill family members with a knife before a physical altercation occurred with police.

Reports said that authorities were called after a family member said they feared for their life when Benham threatened to kill them with a knife.  Police added that Benham then shoved another family member to the ground during the altercation.

Authorities went on to say that when officers arrived they found Benham in an agitated state talking about his Muslim beliefs and was quote to say, “if she don’t do today…Ima kill her…and I got every right by God…and I can show it to you in the book…my religion.”  While placing him into custody Benham proceeded to spit on an officer.

Benham is charged with simple battery against a police officer, two counts of obstructing law enforcement officers, four counts of cruelty to children, simple battery against a person who is 65 year or older or is pregnant at time of the offense.