Kevin Datrell Brown Jr, 29 of Rome, was jailed this week after reports said he stole a purse and numerous other items, including; medications, ID cards, $1,300 in cash and a coach purse at the VIP Express on Redmond Road.

Reports added that Brown then used the victim’s bank cards to gain cash ($500).  The incident occurred back on March 8, 2021.

 Police went on to say that an investigation led them to finally locate Brown at a home on Shoreline Drive this week.

When deputies knocked on the door, he allegedly refused to answer.  After gaining entry it was noticed that he allegedly flushed marijuana down the toilet in order to tamper with evidence.  A small bag of marijuana was found next to empty bags that contained marijuana residue.

Brown is charged with identity fraud, financial transaction card fraud, theft by taking, entering an automobile with intent to commit a felony, possession of marijuana, tampering with evidence and obstruction.