For the second time , an inmate at the Floyd County Jail, Hosea Mac Henderson Sr, 35 of Rome, is facing additional charges after reports said he hit a deputy in the face .

Reports stated that the latest offense occurred on Monday when he hit the deputy with a closed fist, leaving a bruise.

He also continued to resist officers commands to calm down while they were attempting to do their duties.

 New charges include; simple battery against a police officer, unlawful violence in a penal institution and obstruction of law enforcement.

PREVIOUS December 2019

An inmate at the Floyd County Jail, Hosea Mac Henderson, 34 of Rome, is facing additional charges after he allegedly attacked another inmate and a jail officer.

Reports said that Henderson hit an inmate in the head with his elbow. When jailers arrived Henderson is accused of kicking one in the inner thigh.

Henderson is now charged with simple battery, battery on a police officer and felony obstruction.

PREVIOUS May 23 2019

Hosea Mac Henderson Jr, 34 of Rome, was arrested after he allegedly attacked a 32 year-old man with a machete.

Reports said that Henderson raised the machete toward the man in at attempt to strike him.

Police went on to state that Henderson threatened to burn the victim once he is released from jail.

The incident occurred at a location on East 16th Street.

Henderson is charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats and acts and probation violation.