Tiffany Meranda Conner, 22 of Silver Creek, was arrested this week after reports said she repeatedly struck police officers during a drunken tirade at Giggity’s Sports Bar on Broad Street.

Reports stated that when police approached Conner she began to curse at them while pointing a finger in their face.  It was then officers stated that they started to place her under arrest when she struck their chest and stomach.   While officers were placing her on the ground she continued to kick and hit officers on the legs, arm, and face.

Police proceeded to state that while being taken to a local hospital Conner became more enraged, as a result she began to curse and even stated that it was her “birthday”.

While at the hospital, Conner allegedly told multiple nurses “f***  you” while holding up her middle finger.

Conner is charged with three counts felony obstruction of police, battery, simple battery, public drunk and disorderly conduct.