Bartow County deputies arrested 33-year-old Jesse Tyler Robinson at Kings Upscale Resale at 17 Apex Drive near Cartersville on January 23rd after allegedly pulling a knife on the store owner.

When deputies arrived, one reportedly saw Robinson standing directly in front of the store wearing pink plaid shoes he allegedly stole from there.

The store owner and a witness stated that Robinson went into the store wearing different brown shoes.

He reportedly tried on a skirt and the pink shoes, told them that he didn’t have his wallet on him and he’d have to come back, left wearing the shoes, and returned minutes later saying he couldn’t pay for the shoes.

The store owner then allegedly called him a thief. An argument ensued, and Robinson reportedly swung a white pocket knife at the owner.

The owner picked up a guitar that Robinson had been carrying and swung it to create some distance to defend himself from the knife attack.

Robinson reportedly put his knife away at that point, and the owner went back into the store, locked the doors, and called 911.

Robinson stayed on the scene, banging on the doors, saying he wanted his guitar back.

Robinson told a deputy that the store owner went outside and accused him of stealing, but “he didn’t do anything wrong.”

When asked about the knife, Robinson said he was planning to fix a rivet on his guitar with his knife at that very moment.

Upon detaining Robinson, the deputy located the knife Robinson allegedly used deep in his right front pocket.

The deputy said he went back inside, asked the owner to describe the knife. The owner reportedly depicted the same kind of knife.

The BCSO charged Robinson with aggravated assault and misdemeanor theft by taking. Robinson also had an outstanding misdemeanor violation of probation warrant.

From WBHF radio