An inmate at the Floyd County Jail, Toby Keith Johnson, 25 of Silver Creek,   is facing additional charges after he allegedly broke a sprinkler and flooded the jail this week.

Reports said that the incident occurred in the N block of the jail.

He is charged with felony interference with government property, felony, criminal damage to property and felony unlawful acts of violence in a penal institution.

PREVIOUS August 25 2020

Toby Keith Johnson, 25 of Silver Creek, was arrested this week after reports said he imprisoned a 25 year-old woman and then threatened to “gut her”.

Reports stated that Johnson grabbed the victim by the throat and choked her before tossing her on the ground.  He then proceeded to allegedly damage her cellphone and told her if she called for help he would “get a knife and gut her”.

Police went on to report that the victim suffered red markings and bruising on her neck.

Johnson is charged with battery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, terroristic threats and acts, and probation violation.