Two Calhoun brothers, Miguel Angel Guzman, 27, and Rolando Cruz Guzman, 30, were arrested this week after police responded to a call about a man jumping in front of oncoming traffic.

Reports said that officers were dispatched to the intersection of Mauldin Road and Northview Drive and in the process locating an intoxicated Rolando Guzman jumping in front of cars.

Police stated that when they arrived on scene they saw Rolando grab a beer and stumble away while walking toward his home.  When officers followed him to the home they observed Miguel Guzman unconscious and laying on a ramp. Rolando was able to get inside the home and lock officers out.  However, after gaining entry, officers were able to take Rolando into custody.

While being taken to the Gordon County Jail, both Guzmans made threats toward officers and their family members. Miguel told officers that he was a member of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel while Rolando also kept making referencing to the cartel.

Miguel Angel Guzman is charged with terroristic threats and acts and obstruction or hindering of law enforcement officers. Rolando Cruz Guzman is charged with pedestrian under the influence, terroristic threats and acts, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, and a probation violation.

photo-L-R: Miguel Guzman, Rolando Guzman