Joshua Keith Dunn, 36 of Rome,  was arrested this week after reports said he attacked a woman with a knife before hijacking a car and then purposely causing a wreck.

Police stated that Dunn pulled out a large knife and forced his way into a motel room on Dean Avenue. Reports went on to state that Dunn hijacked the victim’s vehicle, in the process slicing the passenger’s door and damaging the locking mechanism with the knife.

After leaving the scene, Dunn forced a female victim to drive them away.  It was during that time he jerked the steering wheel of the vehicle, which caused a wreck in a private lot.

Authorities went on to say that Dunn had been previously told to stay away from the victim by the courts.

The incident was back on July 5.

Dunn is charged with aggravated assault, first degree burglary, false imprisonment, aggravated stalking, criminal damage to property, hijacking a motor vehicle, possession of a weapon during the commission of a felony and reckless driving.