Chris Trevious Cytrunk, 17 of Rome, was arrested this week after reports said he was found shoplifting while carrying a gun at the Dollar General Store on Alabama Highway.

Reports aid that after Cytrunk was found stealing a Tourch Lighter he gave police a fake name while being questioned.

While being placed in handcuffs Cytrunk then allegedly attempted to pull away from being handcuffs.

A search of Cytrunk led police to find a gun in his left sock.

Cytrunk is charged with shoplifting, possession of a gun during the commission of a crime, possession of a  gun without a license, obstruction and giving false information to police

A second person, Keson Messiah Lovingood, 17 of Rome, was also arrested for being party to a crime,

Reports said that Lovingood fled the scene but was captured a short time later.

Lovingood is charged with party to the crime of shoplifting and obstruction of justice.