Approximately three months ago, The Polk County Sheriff’s Office started a gang investigation unit after sending officers to the 2019 Georgia Gang Investigators Association Summer Conference. Within 2 weeks of starting the unit, they had their 1st case.

The unit had developed intelligence on an Aryan Brotherhood member who was orchestrating contraband drops at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office utilizing an 11 year old juvenile. Using proper investigation techniques involving jail phone monitoring, deputies were able to develop enough probable cause to arrest 6 people involved in the illegal activity. One of those individuals was Ronald Ambrose Paul Jr., a 1st Lieutenant with the Aryan Brotherhood, a prison gang classified by the Georgia Department of Corrections.

Ronald Ambrose Paul Jr. was charged with:
• Use of communication facility in committing or facilitating a felony act.
• Conspiracy to commit a felony
• Unlawful for person employ / association with criminal street gang to conduct / participate in criminal activity.
• Unlawful for person to commit offense with intent to obtain / gain criminal street gang status / position
• Unlawful for person with criminal street gang position to engage / consider criminal street gang.
• Unlawful for any person who occupies a supervisory position to engage in criminal gang activity

His charges carry up to 85 years in imprisonment.

On 11/05/2019, Ronald Ambrose Paul Jr. had the balance of his probation revoked in Polk County Superior Court for his participation in the above case. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison. His current case is pending indictment. 

From Polk County Sheriff’s Office