A 27 year-old Rome man, Arnold Hasko, was jailed for the second time in weeks Friday after reports said he injured a woman during an altercation.

Reports said that he grabbed a 27 year-old woman’s arm, leaving multiple bruises to each. The woman also suffered bruises on her upper thighs and legs in the attack.

The victim added that Hasko also grabbed the woman’s cellphone and prevented her from using it.

The incident, which occurred on September 22, happened after Hasko found another man in his ex-girlfriends home.

Hasko is now charged with battery and criminal damage to property.


Arnold Hasko, 27 of Rome, was arrested after he allegedly hit a 38 year-old man in the face.

Reports said that the victim suffered a blackened and swollen eye.

The incident occurred at 3742 Martha Berry Blvd.

Hasko is charged with battery.