The Department of Community Health has denied Floyd Medical Center’s request to for the right to provide open heart surgical services.

The decision comes after an appeal from the hospital last year.

Floyd wasn’t the only hospital to be denied. Hamilton Medical Center in Dalton and Tanner Medical Center in Carrollton both lost their appeals as well.

Floyd cited the number of lower income and African-American demographic groups that are not being adequately served by Redmond.  They also argued that Redmond’s average charge was above the state average.

Floyd had wanted to create a 6,400 square feet addition to go along with 5,5450 square feet of renovated space at the hospital.

Redmond Regional Medical Center will continue to provide open heart surgeries, as it has for the past two decades.

Floyd has also asked the courts to intervene in a ruling from the Department of Community Health that allowed Redmond to move forward with an obstetrics unit.