Eric Jermaine Montgomery Jr, 20 of Rome, was arrested this week after he allegedly became violent with deputy sheriffs while serving a warrant.

Reports stated that Montgomery hit two deputies and attempted to run in an effort to escape capture.

After taking Montgomery into custody he was found to have been intoxicated. Reports added that following being handcuffed he again attempted to run from police.  Once being placed inside the patrol car Montgomery kicked and headbutted the car leading to damage of the patrol unit.

Several children were around and watched the incident take place.  

One person on scene stated, “I am so proud of how the wonderful law enforcement officers handled the sitatuion. They were the most professional while dat (sp) man acted like a fool. I am glad to know we have such wonderful police who shows coolness while doing their job. The people in my community that was cursin’ (sp) at them should be ashamed.”

Montgomery is charged with two counts of battery, two counts felony obstruction, cruelty to children, felony escape, disorderly conduct, public drunk, criminal damage to property, criminal trespass, obstruction of law enforcement and probation violation.