Gordon County Deputy sheriffs received a radio broadcast regarding a stolen vehicle travelling south on Interstate 75 in excess of 100 miles per hour. Deputies and a state trooper responded and initiated a pursuit which led the officers from the interstate onto State Route 53 from Exit 312. The stolen Cadillac fled through heavy traffic into the parking lot of a local restaurant. There, deputies used their patrol cars to confine the stolen car behind a building. After a patrol car was rammed, the deputies successfully arrested all three occupants of the stolen car. The car was originally reported stolen in Cumberland County, Tennessee a short time earlier, and an electronic on-board tracking system was used to pinpoint the car’s location for authorities. Those persons arrested were:

  1. Daniel Lee Matthews, 30, of Crossville, Tennessee, charged with Reckless Driving, Fleeing/Eluding Law Enforcement, Speeding, & Receiving Stolen Property
  2. Zachary Dakota Thompson, age 26, of Crossville, Tennessee, charged with Receiving Stolen Property
  3. Jayde Mikal Wainwright, age 23, of Crossville, Tennessee, charged with Receiving Stolen Property

All three are being held in the county jail. Tennessee authorities are expected to file charges against the defendants as well.