Michael Shedd, 38 of Summerville, was sentenced to five years in prison and twenty years probation after admitting to charges that he performed a sexual act on a drunk acquaintance without the drunk man’s consent. 

Shedd confessed to the incident, as well as to possessing  child pornography.



Previous April 15 2019

A former local radio personality Michael Luke Shedd, 38 of Summerville, was arrested in Chattooga County for numerous sex crimes.

Reports said that Shedd committed sodomy with a man in this 20’s at a home on Marvin Drive back on March 31st.

Police said that Shedd committed the acts, as well as videotaped the incident, as the victim slept.

According to Summerville Police Detective Brian Ozment, both Shedd and the victim knew each other and were intoxicated at the time of the act.

Details on a child sex charge was not available.

Shedd is charged with aggravated sodomy, sexual battery, sexual exploitation of a child and unlawful eavesdropping.