Alexander Lamar Davis, 28 of Atlanta, is facing additional charges after reports said he fought with three deputies before threatening to kill them.

Reports stated that Davis told the officers that he would “kill us after this sh*t” and would “beat our a**es every chance he got”.

Davis is now charged with three counts obstruction of law enforcement and three counts felony terroristic threats. 

PREVIOUS April 8 2019

Alexander Lamar Davis, 28 of Atlanta,  was jailed in Rome after reports said he pointed a .25 caliber handgun at an 18 year-old Rome man on Crane Street.

Reports added that it was later discovered that Davis had previously been convicted of armed robbery back in 2009.

The firearm was later located inside a home at 1310 Crane Street.

Davis is charged with aggravated assault, possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime, possession of a fire arm by a convicted felon and pointing a gun at another.