Isabella Constance Johnson, 29 of Rome, was taken into custody at the Arital Crisis Stab Center in Flowerly Branch before being transported to the Floyd County Jail to face drug charges.

Reports said that Johnson was found with meth in her right sock at the Royal Inn on Martha Berry Blvd back on April 3rd.

Johnson is charged with possession of meth.

PREVIOUS Dec 6 2018

Isabella Johnson, 28 of Rome, was jailed after she was allegedly found shoplifting at the Dollar General on North 5th Avenue.

Reports added that Johnson then proceeded to lie to the arresting officer about  her name.

Johnson is charged with theft by shoplifting, obstruction and giving police a fake name.

PREVIOUS  April 25 2018

Isabella Johnson,28 of Rome, was arrested this week after police said she performed sexual acts with a man for $15 at the Royal Inn on Martha Berry Blvd.

Reports said that Johnson went on to purchase meth with the money.

Johnson is charged with prostitution

PREVIOUS July 17 2017

Isabella Constance Johnson, 27 of Rome, was arrested after attempting to hide from deputies in a closet in an effort to avoid her arrest.

Reports stated that Johnson was being sought on a warrant, but attempted to hide in order to avoid arrest.  Reports added that she then proceeded to give her sisters name in order to make police believe she was not who they wanted. However, reports stated that through tattoos and photo identification her true identity was discovered.

Johnson is charged with giving false information to police, obstruction and probation violation.

PREVIOUS January 2017

Isabella Constance Johnson, 26 of Rome, was arrested at Redmond Hospital on Tuesday after causing a disruptive scene.

Reports stated that Johnson caused a scene when she threw food and then started spitting towards other people in the emergency room at the hospital.

Johnson is charged with disorderly conduct.

PREVIOUS October 28 2016

Isabella Constance Johnson,  26 of Rome, was arrested his week after police said she requested emergency services when it was not needed.

According to police Johnson was seen and treated twice in less than three hours at Redmond Regional Medical Center before she called and requested a third ambulance trip despite knowing there was no need.

Reports added that Johnson was also seen on the same date at Floyd Medical Center.

Johnson is charged with requesting an ambulance service when it is not needed.

Previous: (October 19, 2016)

A homeless woman, Isabella Constance Johnson, 26, was arrested this week by Rome Police, after she was spotted driving a stolen car on Shorter Avenue.

Johnson is charged with felony theft by receiving stolen property.