A resident of Lakeview Drive in Cartersville stated that someone had pushed open the locked door to her sun room porch in the early morning hours earlier this week and was remaining in the room. So, she shot at the suspect one time and missed.

Bartow County deputies made contact with the suspect, Aaron Christopher Lee of Cartersville, who was standing in the sun room porch. Lee appeared to be going through some items on a table. Deputies gave him loud verbal commands at gunpoint. Lee complied and was detained.

Lee stated he thought he was in an apartment and admitted he didn’t know whose residence it was. He kept giving incoherent answers to questions and appeared intoxicated with some kind of drug.

The complainant said she was asleep when she heard someone bang on the locked door to her sun room porch twice. She then heard a third bang and the door came open.

She said she saw a shadow and immediately grabbed her firearm. She then saw Lee and told him to get out of her house multiple times. She then fired one shot at Lee and hid in a hallway until deputies arrived. She said Lee mumbled something incoherent after the shot.

The bullet caused an estimated $200 of damage to the door frame of the sun room.

Aaron Lee was arrested and charged with burglary.