Despite the over saturated and soggy last couple of weeks in Rome, Wolves Track and Field was able to secure a first and second place finish during the Cartersville Purple Hurricane Invitational.

The misty weather broke long enough for Rome to pack up their running shoes and head down to Cartersville High School where they competed against seven other area schools.

The boy’s team finished first with a total score of 208 points. Woodland High and Cartersville High finished second and third, both with scores of 157 and 118 for the day.

The Lady Wolves finished second for their first outing of the season. Only bested by one point, the Rome girls team finished with a score of 173 with Woodland taking home the top spot with 174 points. Third place went to
Carrollton High with a score of 136.

“The biggest thing I want us to take away from today is just settling into the routine of competition,” said Head Track and Field Coach. Nick Bridges. “We are not expecting any records to be set, but I hesitate to say that
because we have already had two of our boys run personal records in the 3200. And they ran them with a 15 mile an hour wind in their face. One of our girls was only four seconds from a PR in the 3200, so the day is going much better than we expected.”

Bridges went on to say that the rain forced them to get creative for practice. From practicing baton hand offs in the school gymnasium to running sprints in the hallways of the school, his Wolves did what they could to
prepare for their first meet of the year.

“Being outside and getting reps is so much better than what we have had to do to practice all week,” Bridges said. “No matter what, we will compete at the highest level, no matter if it is cold and windy. That is what we
expect from all of our athletes in all of our programs so we are happy with the finish of our kids.”


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