An incident that took place at the Bartow County Jail on Zena Drive in Cartersville late last week led to two inmates receiving criminal charges.

As deputies were escorting 33-year-old Emmanuel Bailey of Cartersville back to his cell, he knelt down, began adjusting his leg shackles, and moved in a way that suggested he was preparing to fight. Two deputies placed their hands on Bailey in an escort hold and he began to tense up and pull away. Bailey was pushed against the wall as several deputies assisted to gain control of him. They began to escort him to the closest isolation cell.

That cell was occupied by 34-year-old Andrew Randle of Cartersville, who upon request, refused to get off the floor and exit the cell. As deputies were closing the door after deciding to move Bailey to another isolation cell, Randle ran out of the cell naked and ran towards a door. One of the deputies escorting Bailey stepped in the way and caused Randle to go to the floor.

Randle continued to resist and was tased and drive stunned. Bailey began kicking the deputy who tased Randle, who was subsequently drive stunned by the same deputy and taken to the floor by three other deputies. As deputies handcuffed the resisting Bailey, Randle broke free, was tackled by a deputy, broke free again, and began to sit down when he arrived at another door.

When a deputy tried to escort Randle to the floor on his stomach, he began kicking and grabbing that deputy. A Taser was deployed, which had little effect. Then Randle grabbed the Taser and was struck by several hard hand strikes to get him to release hold of it. Randle was then placed into handcuffs and treated for injuries. Afterwards, Randle began fighting again, was handcuffed again, and taken to an isolation cell. Randle was taken down on his stomach and got his handcuffs removed. He then flipped on his back and began to kick and flail. Two deputies discharged their Taser and Randle grabbed one of the Tasers. Deputies delivered strikes to free the Taser. Randle was once again checked by the medical staff and cleared.

Three deputies received minor injuries during the incident.

Emmanuel Bailey was charged with simple battery against a police officer and three counts of felony obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers. He was originally booked into the jail on January 2nd for multiple charges including trafficking in illegal drugs and possession of contraband by an inmate.

Andrew Randle was charged with three counts of simple battery against police officers, seven counts of felony obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers, two counts of removal or attempted removal of a weapon from a public official, and riot in a penal institution. He was originally booked into the jail on February 13th for multiple charges including criminal damage to property in the second degree and felony obstructing or hindering a law enforcement officer.

From WBHF radio