Fernando Reyes Cornejo, 20  of Chatsworth, Luis Estaban Pizano, 18, and Carlos Alberto Jiminez, 18, both of Rome, were arrested near a church on Mississippi Drive after police said they found a stolen loaded gun and marijuana.

Reports said that officers said they found a loaded gun in the passenger door of a vehicle. Officers added that Pizano  admitted that marijuana found in his vehicle belonged to him

Police stated that the items were found during a search after allegedly finding a digital scale and marijuana papers in plain view.

Pizano is charged with distribution of marijuana, possession of alcohol by a minor,  possession of a weapon without a permit.

Jiminez is also charged with possession of alcohol by a minor and distribution of marijuana.

Cornejo is charged with theft by receiving stolen property, carrying a gun without a permit, possession of drug related objects and possession of alcohol by an underage person.