First responders were dispatched to a residence on Roberts Way in Acworth at around 7:28 Saturday night in reference to a stabbing.

The 63-year-old alleged victim stated he was in a verbal dispute with 52-year-old resident Marjorie Waldrip in the kitchen. He said Waldrip grabbed a knife and stabbed him. He was struck in the left forearm beneath the elbow. The man said he did not have any physical contact with her prior to the stabbing.

Deputies observed the odor of alcohol coming from him while he was speaking. He did have a substantial gash on his arm that was bleeding profusely. EMS treated the man on scene and transported him to Cartersville Medical Center.

Waldrip stated that during a verbal dispute with the man, he called her an offensive term and an obscene term, grabbed a kitchen chair, and threw it at her, hitting her on her right front ankle.

She said the man then grabbed the knife, but she was able to remove it from him and stab him in the arm with it.

A deputy did not observe any markings, scratches, or bruising on Waldrip. The deputy also observed the odor of alcohol from Waldrip when she spoke.

Waldrip was not able to determine where the knife was placed after the incident. Deputies could not find the stabbing weapon.

Marjorie Waldrip was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

From WBHF radio