Alex Trevino, 26 of Rome, and Giovanna Ramirez-Nava, 25 of Rome  were jailed this week after a physical altercation at a home on Callier Springs Road.

Reports said Trevino went to pick up Ramirez-Nava, despite  her having a TPO against him.  It was then an allegeded physical altercation occured.

Reports said that he hit the woman on the left eye, causing swelling. Reports added that the then damaged her cellphone .

Rameriz-Nava is accused of scratching Trevino’s chest.

Deputies added that while at the jail she was found with marijuana and a smoking pipe on her possession.

Trevino is charged with battery, criminal trespass and violation of a family violence order.

Ramirez-Nava is charged with battery, possession of marijuana, possession of drug related object and crossing a guard line with drugs.