Adairsville Police responded to a trespassing call athis week at  Caliber Construction on Hwy. 140. Upon arrival officers stated that they encountered a bizarre situation. A subject later identified as Mr. Michael Abbot was standing on the carport of the business wearing only a Caliber Construction gray Hoodie sweatshirt and a pair of black underwear.

After investigating, it was discovered that Abbot had run out of fuel on the interstate and had walked through the woods where he had fallen into a creek the evening before. Abbot stated he had then walked up to Caliber Construction and went inside since he was “cold and wet”. Based upon security camera evidence, Mr. Abbot stayed in the business for the rest of the night.

Once inside the business, Abbot continued his strange behavior, forging his name to a check he had found, writing different types of graffiti on numerous documents, and walking around the business in different states of undress. Upon interviewing Mr. Abbot, he refused to give any family member names or personal contacts. Officers also discovered Mr. Abbots’ driver’s license in a wallet that belonged to the owner of Caliber Construction, which had been left secured within the building.

Abbot is charged with Burglary, Forgery, and Theft by Taking.