Brett Anthony Jackson, 25 of Rome, was arrested this week after leading on a high speed chase following a wreck in which he left the scene of the accident.

Reports said that Jackson caused a wreck after driving through a red light at Calhoun Drive and Atteiram Drive, and then proceeded to leave the scene .  Hours later a Floyd County Sheriff’s Deputy spotted Jackson and attempted to conduct a traffic stop.  Reports added that Jackson sped up to in an effort to get away.

A chase ensued and in the process, Jackson drove on the other side of the road and passed a school bus on the left as it was letting children off. He also passed several other vehicles in a no-passing zone while driving at a high speed.

After running a stop sign he collided with a car, in the process was ejected from his vehicle.

Jackson is charged with attempting to elude police, hit and run, no seat belt, stop sign violation, passing in a no pass zone, speeding, failure to obey traffic control devices, reckless driving, passing a school bus that was unloading, driving on the wrong side of the road and failure to maintain lane