Floyd County Sheriff Chief Deputy Tom Caldwell was fired from the Floyd County Sheriffs Office on Friday after Sheriff Tim Burkhalter said he acted in a way that was unbecoming of an officer.
“Chief Deputy Caldwell had been ordered directly by myself to campaign off duty and not on taxpayer time. Both candidates for sheriff had been directed that this was a dismissable offense. Chief Deputy Caldwell chose to go to a former supporters home yesterday,  in full uniform and question her about her allegiance to his campaign. This citizen informed me that she was concerned about his behavior and asked that he not return” saud Burkhalter.
Burkhalter added, “Chief Caldwell has served admirably for 14 years in his position and it is with great sadness that this happened. This is a difficult  time at our office with two candidates running for office, and it’s my job to insure our employees and citizens have the rights to choose their candidates without intimidation or fear. I will continue answer that call.”
Tommy McGuire is appointed Chief Deputy for the rest of our tenure.

Tom Caldwell has released the following statement, “Naturally, I am very disappointed in this rather bizarre turn of events in which I was relieved as Chief Deputy without a conversation, a name clearing  hearing or an investigation into the reported verbal complaint. The Sheriff’s office affords this avenue to all employees and I would assume someone whom the Sheriff has trusted to run his agency for 13 and a half years would be given the same opportunity.  In the coming days I will confer with family, friends and council on this matter and release factual information regarding the situation.”