A three county police chase last week began after a couple shoplifted at the Cedartown Walmart and then traveled to Rome.

Cedartown Police Chief Jamie Newsome said four individuals were alleged to have been shoplifting  and then left in what turned out to be a stolen vehicle after Cedartown Police tried to stop the group from leaving.

Cedartown police began a chase, but soon called it off and placed a lookout on the vehicle.

Reports said that after leaving Polk County the car was spotted near Profile Extrusion on US 27 in Rome and when police attempted to pull them over they sped away back toward Polk County.

Polk County authorities rejoined the chase at the county line and continued south into Haralson County.

The chase eventually ended when two members of the theft ring were involved in a wreck with a tractor trailer.

James Barber,  of Temple, was arrested and charged with shoplifting, fleeing attempting to elude and a laundry list of other traffic violations running from officers in Cedartown.

Aubriana Oliver, from Dallas address, was also charaged with shoplifting.

Police said the remaining two who were involved in the incident are believed to have fled from the car after officers called off the chase in Cedartown initially, and when it picked back up in Floyd County.

Their identities are under investigation, and Newsome asked for anyone who might have information to contact Cedartown Police Department at 770-748-4123.