Aaron Anthony Watts, 19 of Silver Creek, was arrested this week after police said he kicked a three year-old child while burglarizing a home on Midland Drive.

Reports stated that after entering the home Watts not only kicked the small child, but grabbed another victim and told them that he was going to kill her as he held her against a counter top.

The victim told police that when she attempted to dial 911 Watts took her phone and refused to allow her to call for help before destroying the inside of her home.

Police stated that Watts proceeded to attack three police  officers, hitting one in the eye, another in the mouth and a third in the testicles.

The incident occurred on April 5th.

Watts is charged with first degree burglary, terroristic threats and acts, false imprisonment, aggravated assault, interference with government property, battery, criminal damage to property, obstruction of a person making a 911 call, battery and three counts cruelty to children.