Denver Fenton Allen, the man accused of beating a fellow inmate to death, pleaded guilty but mentally ill on Monday.  As a result, Judge Billy Sparks sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

This comes after a ruling last month stating that Allen was competent to stand trial.

Also on Monday, Judge Sparks denied Allen’s immunity motion for self-defense. Afterwards Allen threatened to murder several people in the courtroom, including Assistant District Attorney Luke Martin.



A Floyd County Jury has ruled that a man, Denver Fenton Allen, who is accused of murdering a fellow inmate is competent to stand trail.

While being removed from the courtroom after disrupting the testimony of a state clinical psychologist Allen shouted, “That bitch is committing perjury.”

Allen also shouted during the trail that all of the documents regarding his competency hearings were false.

After the jury returned their verdict, Judge Sparks said he would like to proceed to trial as soon as possible.


A man accused of murdering a fellow inmate at the Floyd County Jail, Denver Fentoa Allen, was declared temporarily incompetent to stand trail.

Floyd County Superior Court Judge Billy Sparks made the ruling on Tuesday after a stating recent report from the Georgia Department of Behavioral Heath and Developmental Disabilities.

Allen will be transferred into state custody and sent to a facility where he can be evaluated by a physician or licensed psychologist as to whether or not he may be able to stand trial in the future.

The evaluation will be performed 90 days after the department receives custody of Allen.

If he is ruled incapable of standing trial he could be committed to a state mental health facility.

If he is found to be competent to stand trial, he will be returned to the court’s custody.


An inmate at the Floyd County Jail accused of murder appeared in court on Thursday and threatened to not only kill his court appointed attorney and his family, but the judge’s family as well.

Denver Fentoa Allen made headlines earlier this year after having a verbal confrontation with Judge Bryant Durham.  On Thursday while appearing in court to plead guilty to murder he asked if he could make a statement in which Floyd County Superior Court Judge Billy Sparks granted.

Allen stated that he didn’t feel as if he was guilty because he “acted in self-defense”.  He went on to say that Stephen Rudolph Nalley raped him before he beat him to death in August of 2015.

Sparks then told Allen that the court could not accept a guilty plea if he did not feel that he was guilty of the charges.

Allen then went on to talk about his health problems and him being mistreated at the Floyd County Jail.

It was at that point Allen asked the court to dismiss his court-appointed attorney, in which Sparks denied.

Allen then went on an outburst saying, “I will murder his whole family,” before turning to Judge Sparks saying, “I will murder your whole family.”

Sparks then ordered Allen to be removed from the courtroom.

His trial is scheduled for December. 12.



Floyd County Superior Court Judge Billy Sparks ruled on Monday that Denver Allen, 31 of Cartersville, will be allowed to keep gruesome photos of a murder scene he is charged with.  Authorities said last week that Allen sent the crime scene photos to at least two members of the community.

Police said that Allen beat fellow inmate Stephen Rudolph Nalley, 49, to death last August 26th in his jail cell.

Allen is defending himself on trial and as a result is allowed to have evidence.

Sparks did say that all outgoing mail of Allen’s would be screened by the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the district attorney’s office, Allen had requested the photos and made copies in the jail law library.

Allen was being boarded for Bartow County when Nalley was killed.


The Cartersville man, Denver Allen, who made national attention following a run-in with Judge Bryan Durham is now facing more controversy.   According to Floyd County authorities Allen has mailed numerous photos from the murder scene to different individuals.

Authorities added that after Allen fired his attorney he requested all legal documentation be sent to him in his jail cell.  Since Allen is now representing himself in his trial he is allowed by law to have all evidence.

Allen made the motion to have the evidence on June 21st of this year.  It appeared that Allen made copies of the crime scene before sending them out to citizens in the community.  The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office received complaints about the graphic photos and as a result prohibited Allen from sending any further mail.

Prosecutors are now asking that all photographs be removed from his possession.

Sources indicate that it almost looks like “a law library” in his cell.


Attached is the full conversation held in Floyd County Superior Court between Judge Bryant Durham and a defendant in a murder case Denver Allen.

Allen, 31,  is accused of beating another inmate to death last August in the Floyd County Jail.

The conversation occurred earlier this month during a request for a new public defender.  He accused his current one of making sexual advances toward him. After denying his request Allen went on to verbal tirade against Judge Durham and his family.

Be advised, the content includes foul and hurtful language.

Click here for Full Transcript Denver Allen and Judge Bryant Durham.


The man accused of beating an inmate to death at the Floyd County Jail is facing additional charges after a verbal tirade at Judge Bryant Durham on Friday. Reports said that Denver Allen, 31 of Cartersville, told the judge that he would kill his children and grandchildren after he refused him a new public defender.

Allen used profanity and sexual innuendoes in the insults of the judge.

Allen is now facing contempt of court and terroristic threats.


Denver Fentoa Allen, 30 of Cartersville, has been indicted on a murder charge for killing a fellow inmate. Stephen Rudolph Nalley, 49, was found beaten to death in his cell back in August of this year. Sources said that Nalley’s head was beaten against the rail of the bed.

Nalley had been an inmate at the Floyd County Jail since August 12, 2015 on charges of Burglary- (First Degree- Forced Entry), Aggravated Stalking. He was sentenced to 7 Months and 27 Days. He and Allen were housed in the O-Block at the jail, which is used for inmates with mental health issues.

Allen was booked into the Floyd County Jail for boarding from Bartow County back on August 19th. He was in jail on four counts of making terroristic threats and acts.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was called in to investigate.