Deputies Respond to Reported Drug Overdose, Revive Victim with ‘Narcan’ Antidote
Sheriff Mitch Ralston Reports:
At about 3:30 a.m. this morning (August 16), deputy sheriffs were dispatched to a private residence on Union Grove Road in response to a report of a drug overdose. Upon arrival, deputies forced entry into a room to find the 28 year old male victim unconscious. A deputy applied ‘Narcan’ (Naloxone) antidote to the victim who revived a few minutes later. The victim was subsequently turned over to emergency medical personnel for treatment.
All Gordon County deputy sheriffs are issued with the overdose antidote ‘Narcan’, and have received training in its use. This is the second such “save” by a deputy in using ‘Narcan’ to revive an overdose victim since the program was initiated last year in conjunction with Project DAN in Gordon County. ‘Narcan’, which is also known as Naloxone, is an overdose antidote which temporarily blocks the effects of opioids, and is applied as an inhalant/spray.
Sheriff Ralston said, “It is very fortunate that a deputy sheriff was in the position to respond rapidly to this emergency, and was particularly trained and equipped to deal with an incident of this type. This young man has received a “second chance” due to the deputy’s quick thinking and actions, and we wish him a positive recovery.”