An elderly Silver Creek man, Bobby Gene Loveless, 68, was arrested this week after authorities said they found him to be in possession of synthetic marijuana during a traffic stop on Shorter Avenue.

Reports stated that after being pulled over Loveless was found with an open container.

It was then discovered that there was a warrant for his arrest for failure to appear.

A search of the vehicle then led police to find the synthetic marijuana.

Loveless is charged with possession of synthetic marijuana, open container and failure to appear.

Previous story on Loveless – December 26, 2016

Bobby Gene Loveless, 67 of Silver Creek, was arrested Christmas Day for allegedly harassing 911 workers about a crime that they had been previously advised about.

Reports stated that Loveless continually called 911 about a stolen car that was not actually stolen.

Loveless is charged with unlawful conduct during a 911 emergency call.