Shorter University, despite still admitting to any liability of student athletes personal information being stolen, has reached a “preliminary resolution” to former students who filed a class action lawsuit against the institution.

The settlement totals $175,000 and will be covered by the university’s insurance.

Shorter has agreed to pay for an additional year of credit monitoring and protection service for any student that was affected in a 2014 burglary.

The university will also reimburse up to $175 per student for out of pocket expenses that they may have incurred as a result of the theft.

Reports stated that someone entered into a training room at the Winthrop-King Centre and stole hard copies of numerous student records.

Following the theft, fraudulent tax returns were filed using the names and information of 11 former students.

The proposed agreement will be sent back to Rome’s U.S. District Court Judge Harold Murphy, who will set a hearing date.