Floyd County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Matthew Battle, a 14-year veteran, was terminated February 3 after being placed on administrative leave January 13.  An internal investigation was initiated as a result of an incident that occurred at the jail on January 8.

“Our administration continues to keep assurance of public trust as a prime concern of our office,” commented Corporal Carrie Edge, Public Information Officer. “Whether it involves a 14-year veteran like Mr. Battle or a new deputy just beginning his career, misconduct of any kind will not be tolerated.  The sheriff’s office will continue to do the right thing even when it means exposing our shortcomings.”

The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office requested the involvement of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) for a separate inquiry.  GBI, at the request of the sheriff, began a separate investigation on January 17.

Battle will have 10 business days to appeal his termination with the Floyd County Personnel Board.


The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office met with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Tuesday.  The Sheriff’s Office has requested a full probe be conducted by the GBI into the incident that occurred in the early morning hours of Sunday, January 8, 2017.  The GBI has been asked to look for any misconduct of a criminal nature related to an incident involving Juaun Porter.  The incident was brought to the attention of the Sheriff’s Office on Monday by Mr. Porter’s mother.  After a meeting with his mother, jail administrator, Major Bob Sapp, initiated a request for an internal affairs investigation to be conducted.

As a result of the initial findings of that investigation Sheriff’s Office officials confirm that, after being arrested by Rome Police Department (RPD), Mr. Porter was brought directly to the Floyd County Jail to be processed pending charges.  It has been confirmed that Porter had been involved in a physical altercation prior to his arrest and arrival at the jail and was obviously intoxicated, appeared injured and upset. The Rome Police Assistant Watch Commander on duty, through the RPD arresting officer, was notified that Mr. Porter would require a medical clearance by a doctor at the hospital prior to being booked in on charges. While city officers were discussing the matter, Mr. Porter was refusing to comply with jail officials and was subsequently tased. At that time the jail’s contract medical personnel determined that Mr. Porter’s medical condition was such that he was unable to pass the medical criteria required for acceptance into the jail.

The Sheriff’s Office, having requested the services of the GBI, will fully cooperate with their investigation of the incident while simultaneously completing the process of the internal affairs investigation.

“Internal affairs investigations are initiated by our agency for a number of reasons,” stated Corporal Carrie Edge, Public Information Officer, “primarily to determine whether or not a policy of the agency has been violated.  Our process is structured to facilitate prompt and appropriate corrective action.  The public can expect The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office to conduct affairs of this agency in an efficient, fair, and impartial manner. Any misconduct by agency personnel will be dealt with in a well-established and transparent manner.”


Additional information has been coming out regarding Floyd County Sheriff Deputy Matthew Battle after he was placed on administrative leave last week.

Reports stated that Battle is being investigated for using excessive force against 21 year-old Juan Porter.

Porter said that Rome Police brought him to the jail around 5 am on January 7th after being jumped by four men at the Baymont Inn on Shorter Avenue.

Reports stated that police found Porter drunk at Tamassee Lane Apartments and then proceeded to take him to the Floyd County Jail.

It was there Porter said he was handcuffed and tazed by Battle because he would not sign the paperwork to have his blood drawn.

Authorities said that it is protocol for the safety of the inmates to have a health screening before being placed in a cell.

Porter told WSB TV that while he was drunk he was not belligerent and did not deserve to be tazed.

While Porter did show WSB TV bruising of his body, he did not report which bruises came from the alleged assault of four men and which came from the  alleged assault of the deputy.

CVN has learned that the alleged assault with the four suspects occurred at the Baymont Inn and possibly included Porter getting hit with beer bottles.  It was also reported that while at Tamasee Lane apartments Porter allegedly attempted to get into a vehicle of someone he did not know.

CVN has requested video footage of the incident at the jail.

CVN has also gotten in touch with the hotel, in which the alleged assault of Porter and occurred, to see if there is surveillance footage of the incident.

Check back later as details become available.


Floyd County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Matthew Battle has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation.  Major Bob Sapp placed Battle on administrative leave Friday, January 13, 2017 as the result of an incident that occurred at the jail.  The Sheriff’s Office has requested the assistance of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).


“A thorough internal investigation will be coordinated by our office, paralleled with a separate investigation conducted by the GBI,” commented Corporal Carrie Edge, Public Information Officer. “Once the internal investigation is complete, we will take action commensurate with the findings. Our administration takes great pride on transparency and places precedence on ensuring public trust.”


Sergeant Battle is a 14-year veteran of The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office.