The Floyd County Board of Education has reversed the five-day suspension without pay of Rachel Moore, a teacher at Model Middle School.  The board heard the appeal on Monday at 12:30 p.m.
In a letter to Ms. Moore, the board wrote, “After considering all of the evidence presented at the hearing, the board hereby reverses the decision of the director of human resources and the superintendent and directs that the five-day suspension be reversed.”
“The process developed by the board in the revised policy GBN worked as it was designed,” stated Chip Hood, chairman of the Floyd County Board of Education. “The process brought forth additional information from other individuals at the event in question to allow us to come to a decision.”
The board worked for more than six months on the revision of policy GBN to provide an equitable process for the school system and staff in personnel issues.  “We took a lot of time in developing the process and worked with teachers and Local School Governance Team members from our schools,” added Hood.  “The success of the process is really a team effort.”


The Floyd County Board of Education held a hearing Monday to discuss the future of Rachel Moore, a Model Middle School teacher and high school cheerleading coach that was suspended after being accused of drinking with students.

Reports stated that the teacher was removed from the sideline of Model High School football game on October 21.

School officials said that the complaint was filed by a student’s mother.

Reports stated that the mother said Moore and numerous students drank beer and played beer pong during a cookout that was thrown by a mother of another student.

Moore was suspended for five days without pay according to Floyd County Schools Director of Human resources Knox Wilson.

Moore has since appealed the suspension.

The board declined to make a decision Monday and now have 10 days to render a decision.

Moore’s attorney, Jeffrey Clements of Calhoun, stated that the girl mother’s daughter was just weeks removed from being cut from the cheerleading team.

An affidavit has also been signed by the mother who threw the party that “none of the teen girls had alcoholic beverages at the gathering”.  It went on to say that she never saw Moore engage and any drinking in front of the minor.  She added that the ping ping toss game was being played with water and not alcoholic beverages.


A second adult at the party also signed a letter stating the same thing.