Around noon on Wednesday, November 8th, 2016, a Gordon County inmate tasked to an outside work assignment at a state government office abandoned his detail. Investigating detectives believe that the inmate’s wife drove him away. Detectives immediately “picked up his trail” and tracked him through north Georgia for several hours, interviewing a number of witnesses along the way who constantly provided pertinent information.

The following day (November 9th),using both the information gained from cooperating witnesses (who’d indicated he was bound for the Midwest) and electronic tracking capabilities, Gordon County Sheriff’s detectives determined that the inmate was at a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Local authorities there were alerted and apprehended the inmate, Christopher Lee Clayton Jr., age 22, along with his wife, Amber Michelle Clayton, age 24.

Both were arrested without incident. Clayton has been charged with Escape, and his wife with Aiding Escape. Both are in jail in Nashville awaiting return to Gordon County. Clayton was originally serving a county sentence for violating probation.