Danny Glen Dorris, 46 of Silver Creek, is facing additional charges following his burglary arrest in April.  Reports stated that Dorris stole $1,200 in old money, a shotgun, sewing machine, a gold pendent, jewelry and a hot water heater from the home of an elderly woman for whom he was working as her handyman.  The items that was stolen from the home on Pleasant Hope Road totaled over $5,800.

Reports stated that Dorris was living at the home of the 80 year-old woman when the thefts occured

Investigators added that Dorris also stole close to $3,000 worth of jewelry, a coffee pot and a purse from another person living at the home and then proceeded to sale it a pawn store.

Dorris is charged with two felony counts of theft by taking.


Danny Glen Dorris, 46 of Silver Creek, found himself behind bars over the weekend after being arrested for burglary of a neighbor’s home.

Reports said that Dorris broke into a home on Pleasant Hope Road back on April 14, 2016 and stole numerous items.  Reports added that he later took the items to a pawn shop to sell.

He is charged with burglary.