An appeal has been filed by Redmond Regional Medical Center following a ruling earlier this summer that the hospital could not go forward with an 18 bed psychiatric and substance abuse unit. However, again, Floyd Healthcare Management has filed an objection with the Georgia Department of Community Health.

A date for the appeal has yet to be set.

Redmond requested a 31 bed psychiatric unit back in 2014 but was denied.  They were advised that they would have a better chance for approval with a lower number of beds.  Redmond Regional Medical Center CEO John Quinlivan said that over 3,700 adults went outside of the 15-county Northwest Georgia area for inpatient psychiatric care in 2014.

Floyd Medical Center President Kurt Stuenkel is quoted to say, “We don’t feel there is a demonstrated need for more acute beds.” He added that Floyd Behavior Health is not running close to compactly, thus there would not be a need for the additional care.

Floyd Behavioral Health has 34 beds dedicated for adult psychiatric patients.

Redmond has earmarked $3 million to renovate its fifth floor to accommodate the proposed unit.