Most of you know that I am not a Braves fan.  So that being said I have gotten a kick out of watching the downfall of one of the greatest sports franchises in my lifetime.

However, I must come to the aide of the team for a minute.  I do not believe for a second that the downfall is caused by manger Freddie Freeman.   Bobby Cox couldn’t come out of retirement and lead this team to a .500 record.

Just look at who this team has played thus far.  Other than the Marlins, the Braves have played the Nationals, Cardinals, at Nationals, Dodgers, Mets, Red Sox, at Red Sox, at Cubs, at Mets. This is a murders row for any major league team.

Now toss in the fact that the team’s biggest offseason move was bringing back Jeff Francour, who just recently was played for a minor league team called the Chihuahua’s.

Liberty Media, the ownership group, has ran the franchise like they were the Goodwill. They are selling outdated products at a low price. I am sorry, but I was always told you get what you pay for, and when you are a sports franchise you should run your organization like it’s Ruth Chris Steak House.

I feel bad for the Braves.  I really do.

It takes me back to my coaching days. If my team gave it their all, yet still failed, I could get over the losses. It’s the losses where my players would just watch the game unfold and really care less. That is how I feel Liberty Media is running the organization. That would be hard for me to swallow as a fan.

It’s like my Georgia Bulldogs.  Yes, I know my team has not won a Natty in over 30 years but at least I can see them doing what it takes to field a winning team. The money spent on coaches, practice facilities, ect ect shows me that the University is hell bent on winning.

All Liberty Media is doing is charging fans high dollar to watch what would be a bad minor league team.

My, oh my, how the Atlanta Braves have fallen.

However, good news Braves fans.  Sooner or later the team will hit a stride and play lesser teams. The win total will start to add up and you can keep your head up knowing that in a few short months you will have a brand new state of the art ball park.

That’s great news for us folks on the northwest side of the state. Let’s just hope that Liberty Media starts to put a better product on the field. Otherwise it will be be like putting a McDonald’s hamburger on a hundred dollar plate.

If that happens, it makes you wonder if the group could follow the path that was the Atlanta Thrashers.  You know there’s always cities looking to get major league teams.  Just ask Las Vegas.